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Our philosophy is simple: we love things which are beautiful, natural, and which give us and our families a feeling of security – and for that, we choose contact with Nature.

That’s why our ceramic, gres porcelain and clinker tiles are inspired by natural earth tones, the texture of stones, or trees in all their variety.  Our tiles are made from natural materials, and because we care about your comfort and safety, all of our ceramic, gres porcelain and clinker tiles are anti-slip and highly resistant to frost, fire and corrosion.

Why choose Cerrad?


    Clinker is made of natural ingredients (clays, sands, silts) safe to your health. It is resistant to allergenic fungi and moulds.


    Clinker is anti-slippery, hence the clinker floor is safe, particularly for children.


    Clinker tiles are resistant to frost, high temperature, biological corrosion and abrasion, so they can be used indoors and outdoors.


    Products are very resistant to bending and abrasion. They withstand the 500 kg/cm² load. Most tiles have abrasion class 4 on the 5-degree scale.


    Clinker façades need not be painted or impregnated – you save on maintenance and care. They do not generate additional costs.


    Resistance to staining makes clinker surfaces easy to clean. You save time and money.

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